Behold the Lamb Christmas Tour 2013

This year was my 10th Christmas season traveling as a part of Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb" tour, the album which was recorded in what is now my kids' playroom in our basement.

I love this group of people and I love this music.  It's been incredible to watch the tour grow from a few folks in a van playing to 100 people a night, to a bus and crew and sold out shows to thousands each night.  So glad I get to be a part of this with some of my dearest friends.

Tour Dates!! (Solo, Steven Curtis Chapman, Andrew Peterson)

Well, a lot has happened in the past few weeks:

We succesfully funded the "Heart & Soul, Flesh & Bone" EP collection, which I'm now in the midst of writing, I've booked a number of solo house shows, and I've been asked to join Steven Curtis Chapman's touring band, which is a huge honor.

This means two things, in a cause and effect fashion:

1. I'll be on the road A LOT over the next few months.  (CAUSE)

2. I just bought a new MacBook Pro so I can be working on my EPs on the road. (EFFECT)

Here are the dates.  Visit the TOUR PAGE for more details on specific shows. 

Andrew Osenga's "Songs and Stories" Tour


12 Hamilton, OH
13 Pittsburgh, PA
14 Mason, OH
19 Rogers, AR
20 Edmond, OK
21 Little Rock, AR
22 Little Rock, AR
27 Omaha, NE
28 Lincoln, NE
29 Lincoln, NE


6 Greensboro, NC
7 Rock Hill, SC

Steven Curtis Chapman's "The Glorious Unfolding" Tour
w/ Jason Gray & Laura Story


17 Phoenix, AZ
18 Albuquerque, NM
19 Colorado Springs, CO
20 Kansas City, KS
24 Indianapolis, IN
25 Cleveland, OH
26 Ft. Wayne, IN
27 Cedar Rapids, IA


1 Columbia, SC
2 Richmond, VA
3 Lancaster, PA
7 Louisville, KY
14 Little Rock, AR
15 Memphis, TN
16 Jackson, MS
17 Bentonville, AR
21 Burlington, IA
23 Milwaukee, WI
24 Eau Claire, WI

Andrew Peterson's "Behold The Lamb" Christmas Tour


3 Omaha, NE
5 Richmond, VA
6 Charlotte, NC
7 Durham, NC
8 Martinsburg, WV
10 Montgomery, AL
11 Nashville, TN
12 Nashville, TN
13 Houston, TX
14 Dallas, TX
15 Memphis, TN
16 Augusta, GA
17 Asheville, NC
18 Atlanta, GA
19 Miamisburg, OH
20 Arlington, VA
21 Milford, OH

I'll be out with Steven again in Feb/March, including a show at Carnegie Hall!  And yes, I'll probably take a good chunk of January off.

Thanks everybody.  See you out on the road!!



We did it!!  With four days to spare, you guys pushed this project over the finish line!  

I'm so excited and can't wait to start making these records.

Thank you for all the support and encouragement.  I'm grateful, thankful, humbled and relieved.  (I have a lot of emotion for a guy sometimes.)

We're going to go ahead and keep pushing forward.  If we can top 30k before the end of the Kickstarter I'll add an acoustic EP of cover songs to everybody who backs at any level!

So let's make that happen!  Thanks everybody!!

Sharptop Cove 2013

I just finished up with my first of a few weeks here at YoungLife's Sharptop Cove in Jasper, GA.  It's a beautiful place with some amazing people.  My life was changed thanks to the good work of YoungLife folks back in Illinois when I was in high school and I'm so honored to get to be a part of that experience for high school kids now.

If you are one of the amazing people we met here at camp, please click on that photo and download some of the songs you heard at club.  For FREE!  And please find me on Twitter, Facebook or click on CONTACT and say hello!

Bookmark - NEW single available now!!

I just released a new single "Bookmark".  It was featured a few weeks ago on TNT's "Monday Mornings", a medical drama that got cancelled shortly after they had the best music ever on their show.  

This song was written and recorded last year and I never thought to release it until it was on the show and people started asking for it.  So, here it is!!! Hope you love it!


Songs For West

I'm honored to be featured as the first track on #SongsForWest.

It's a compilation album featuring exclusive recordings from artists and bands from throughout the country.

This is offered up in hopes of raising funds for relief efforts in West, TX after the tragic fertilizer plant explosion that leveled much of the small town on April 17th, 2013.

100% of the proceeds from tips will go to the Baylor University West Relief Fund.

My song "West, Texas" is an instrumental recorded the morning after the event.  It's one live performance and one live melody overdub, recorded at Sound Emporium A with my old Les Paul through its incredible echo chamber.

Please check out the compilation and tip generously to help the folks in West, Texas.

Great Season in the Studio

It has been a fantastic season in the studio this Spring.  I have been getting to work with some of the most incredible artists.  I'm really proud of each of these projects.  Here's a look at what we've been up to.


Nick's record is currently being mixed by the genius that is Shane Wilson.  It's a unique collection of crazy stories from his family's past and powerful life anthems.


Stacy has one of the most incredible voices I've ever heard. And such fantastic songs. It's a fun and beautiful record. Currently in mastering.

Mixing with Shane Wilson at St. Izzy's of the East.


Jenny is a fantastic songwriter.  This album is rich with songs of family, faith and the drive to DO SOMETHING about what is on your heart.  Here pictured with Paul Eckberg (drums), yours truly, and James Gregory (bass).

And finally, maybe my favorite session of the year.  My two eldest daughters wrote some songs and asked me to record them.  It was wonderful.



Christmas Tour 2012

I just got home from Andrew Peterson's annual "Behold the Lamb" Christmas tour. We played 20 shows in 23 days or something crazy like that. From Nebraska to Florida, New Hampshire to Texas.

One of the highlights was a two-night stand in Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium. An amazing night with some incredible friends/musicians.

We also got to visit NASA down in Houston, and ol' Leonard got the VIP tour. Pretty amazing stuff.


First of all, thank you all for your support and encouragement in this crazy season of the Osengas' life. We're seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on our home's rebuilding and I am THRILLED to announce the revamped (and confirmed) dates for the Leonard Fall Tour!

Many thanks to Laura Preston, who put these shows together, and to the folks in each city who worked hard to pull them off. I'm playing with a band where it's financially feasible and solo otherwise. As well, Eric Peters will be joining me where he is able. I'm actually really excited to get to tell this story in two different ways (solo/band) and hope that you enjoy whichever one is coming near you!

If you've purchased tickets already for these shows, you're set. Your name will be on a "pre-paid" list at the door. Refunds have been sent to those of you in cities where we won't be able to stop this time.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR ALL SHOWS! Links below have been updated, or you can click here.


And PLEASE bring your friends!!


Oct 18
7 PM
The Prophet Bar
2548 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75226
$12 adv/$15 door


Oct 19
7 PM
Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville
303 E. Pflugerville Pkwy.
Pflugerville, TX 78660
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door


Oct 20
7 PM
Baptist Church of the Redeemer
2106 Fifth Street
Missouri City, TX 77489
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

BATON ROUGE, LA: Eric Peters & Andrew w/ BAND

Oct 21
7 PM
Community Bible Church
8354 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 924-1369
No admission - Offering will be received

KNOXVILLE, TN: Andrew & Eric Peters SOLO

Oct 25
7 PM  
Remedy Coffee
125 W. Jackson Ave
Knoxville, TN 37902
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

CHARLOTTE, NC: Andrew & Eric Peters SOLO

Oct 26
6:30 PM
The Prayer Room
512 E. 15th St .
Charlotte, NC 28206
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

ATLANTA, GA: Andrew & Eric Peters w/ BAND

Oct 27
8 PM
The Warehouse (diagonally across the street from the church)
First Baptist Newnan
15 W. Washington
Newnan, GA 30263
Tickets & Info


Oct 28
7 PM
The Wesley Foundation at UAB
1408 13th Ave S, Birmingham, AL, 35205
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

CINCINNATI, OH: Andrew & Eric Peters w/ BAND

Nov 1
The 86 Club
2820 Vine Street
Corryville, OH 45219
(513) 341-8686
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$14 door (not $15)

CHICAGO, IL: Andrew & Eric Peters w/ BAND

Nov 2
Elmhurst CRC
149 W. Brush Hill Rd.
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 600-5100
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

LINCOLN, IL: Andrew & Eric Peters w/ BAND

Nov 3
Jefferson Street Christian Church
1700 N. Jefferson St.
Lincoln, IL 62656
(217) 732-7272
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Andrew & Nick Flora w/ BAND

Nov 4
Muncie Alliance Church
5601 W. Jackson St.
Muncie, IN 47304
(765) 282-6119
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door

NASHVILLE, TN: Andrew w/ BAND, Eric Peters, Nick Flora & Stacy Lantz

Nov 8
8 PM
The Rutledge
410 4th Ave S.
Nashville, TN 37201-2212
Tickets & Info
$12 adv/$15 door


I couldn't be more thrilled to announce that my new record, "Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut" is out and alive on the internet now!

It's been getting the best reviews of my career and people's support has been incredible.

Please check it out now!


Amazon MP3

The Rabbit Room

If you've heard the record and are enjoying it, please tell your friends!  Or take a few minutes to go to those stores and leave a kind review.  You guys are driving this thing into the stratosphere!  Thank you!!

Letters to the Editor, Vol. 2 - FREE FOR ONE WEEK!

The second of my "Letters" EPs came out a year after the first.  

I played by the same rules, but substituting electric guitars and amps for acoustic guitars.  

Still no picks, no other instruments.  The only pedal used was my old Deluxe Memory Man.

This FREE EP download also comes with a re-recorded version of a "Leonard" song, done with these rules.

So fun.

It's free from now until Tuesday, Sept 18 when "Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut" finally releases!!

Get it while you can!

And tell your friends!



Leonard Tour : POSTPONED

In not-so-exciting news, I'm pushing back my tour about a month, to start in later October.  

Sadly, dealing with the rebuilding after our house disaster, (plus having an infant, a record about to release and the 9-to-5 in the studio) has given me no time to pull this tour together. 

I'm bummed to have to make this announcement, but I know it's for the best of my family and you guys. 

I'd rather play a few less shows, postpone them a bit, and be able to take the time to make them great. 

I hope to have new dates up by this time next week.  We've got some amazing people working hard to pull these shows together and are in the process of confirming them. 

Some will be full-band, some will be solo. 

I'm excited for both. 

I'm going to start a blog here on the site to chronicle this house stuff, mainly cause I feel I could use the outlet.  So stay tuned for that.

Thanks again, everybody. 

It's been a pretty rough past couple of months and it's been so encouraging to see your emails/tweets/updates with such kind thoughts about the record, the free EPs and the tour.  


 And stay tuned.

Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1 - FREE FOR ONE WEEK!

I released "Letters to the Editor, Vol. I" for free a few years ago. Before Radiohead gave away "In Rainbows".  Before NoiseTrade!

It grew to be one of the most successful & rewarding things I've done as a solo artist.

Making it free again seemed like a great way to celebrate my new record, "Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut" releasing Sept 18.

All of these songs were written based on suggestions from fans. Each was recorded with one guitar & my voice, over & over in different parts like a symphony.

As a bonus, this version includes a song from “Leonard” re-recorded with the rules of the “Letters” EP. This EP will be on NoiseTrade for a week.  Then, “Letters to the Editor, Vol. II” will take its place, with another “Leonard” song done in that style.

Please download & enjoy both of them! And tell your friends! And check out “Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut” when it touches down Sept 18!

P.S. Any "tips" will go towards the rebuilding of my home, which was totaled this Summer after a major water leak. THANK YOU!

Tour Dates and Windy Gap

Tickets for Fall Leonard Tour are now available!!  Click on your city in the "Leonard Tour" menu above.  100 tickets will confirm the shows and it's going to be awesome!

In other news, my family and I are out at a YoungLife camp called Windy Gap in Asheville, NC for the month.  

We're in our last week here and it's been fantastic.  

Beautiful place, wonderful people telling the amazing story.  

Great way to spend the Summer.