Hello World. (again).

I used to blog all the time. A lot of people used to read it.

Some of these people would disagree with me. Sometimes I did, too. I had a lot of opinions.

The more I listened to the people who disagreed the more I realized that maybe my opinions weren't as Gospel true as I felt them to be.

I started writing less and listening more. Then I just stopped.

I'm hoping that's called maturity or wisdom, but who knows. I'm glad I stopped, though.

It was time to take my life back from the internet and start living it in my own house, with my own family and my own friends.

I won't blog much up here. But I am writing a bunch of new music and turning a new page in my non-artist career, so I may write about that some. We'll see.

Thanks for coming by to visit. I hope you enjoy the music.

Maybe we'll get to work together someday. That would be fun. It's way better together than alone.