Make Something

One of the great things about writings songs (or books, or painting portraits, or recording podcasts) is that you don't need permission.

You need time, a couple tools (often way less than we think we need) and the will to Make Something.

The news will always be stressful, Instagram will always make you feel like your life isn't as great as somebody else's, TV will always promise rest but leave you more tired. We justify our distractions and give them so much of our lives. They will never pay you back.

It's pretty darn rare that you spend four hours staring at screens and get up thinking, "Wow, that was really worth it! I'm better for that experience."

So look up from the news, hold the instagram app until it does its little "delete me" dance, throw a blanket over the TV and put the remote on a high shelf in a different room.

Get out that notebook. Set up your easel. Take a walk and hum a new tune. 

No one can stop you but yourself. 

Make Something.

You will never regret that you did.

Scattered, Smothered and Covered

I'm sitting in a little writing cabin, so kindly provided by the amazing folks at Porter's Call here in Nashville, trying to be productive. I've had a lot of great ideas recently and am trying to suss them all out, and it all involves a LOT of writing.

There's a new podcast I'm putting together, an online songwriting course, and a business plan for a new venture. Not to mention I think I'm two songs shy of a new record. 

The problem today is focus. A lot of me just wants it all to be done, so as soon as I hit a tiny roadblock on one thing, I switch windows on the laptop and I'm on to something else.

Some might say this is called "multi-tasking" but I call it "feeling really busy and getting nothing accomplished."

That blank screen/empty page is terrifying. It holds no answers and it takes the shape of all my fears ("You're washed up", "Your best songs are all written", "No one cares what you have to say", "This is all a waste of time", etc...). 

But ignoring it won't fill that page. Every time I leave with nothing I will come back to nothing. My sense of hurry and wanting to accomplish a lot is useless, it's only in my focus that I'll find anything.

And I need to be logical. What do I have to do for the podcast that needs to be done today? Set up dates and time for the interviews. Ok. Send six emails and then shut that down and come back tomorrow.

What do I need to do for my online course? Try out the camera and mic in my living room on a sunny day. Well, today is rainy and I'm not even at home. Leave it. I've done all I can do for today.

That business plan? The ball is out of my court at the moment, so don't worry about it now.

What can I accomplish today in the time I have left? I need to write those last two songs. I have a quiet room, a nice guitar, two melodies I love and an hour and ten minutes til my next meeting. 

Oh, and those fears I just told you about.

Well, I don't want those fears to win. There's nothing else I need to do right now but launch a crusade against that empty page. This song won't write itself, as much as I may want it to.

Here we go.

Hello World. (again).

I used to blog all the time. A lot of people used to read it.

Some of these people would disagree with me. Sometimes I did, too. I had a lot of opinions.

The more I listened to the people who disagreed the more I realized that maybe my opinions weren't as Gospel true as I felt them to be.

I started writing less and listening more. Then I just stopped.

I'm hoping that's called maturity or wisdom, but who knows. I'm glad I stopped, though.

It was time to take my life back from the internet and start living it in my own house, with my own family and my own friends.

I won't blog much up here. But I am writing a bunch of new music and turning a new page in my non-artist career, so I may write about that some. We'll see.

Thanks for coming by to visit. I hope you enjoy the music.

Maybe we'll get to work together someday. That would be fun. It's way better together than alone.