Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1 - FREE FOR ONE WEEK!

I released "Letters to the Editor, Vol. I" for free a few years ago. Before Radiohead gave away "In Rainbows".  Before NoiseTrade!

It grew to be one of the most successful & rewarding things I've done as a solo artist.

Making it free again seemed like a great way to celebrate my new record, "Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut" releasing Sept 18.

All of these songs were written based on suggestions from fans. Each was recorded with one guitar & my voice, over & over in different parts like a symphony.

As a bonus, this version includes a song from “Leonard” re-recorded with the rules of the “Letters” EP. This EP will be on NoiseTrade for a week.  Then, “Letters to the Editor, Vol. II” will take its place, with another “Leonard” song done in that style.

Please download & enjoy both of them! And tell your friends! And check out “Leonard, the Lonely Astronaut” when it touches down Sept 18!

P.S. Any "tips" will go towards the rebuilding of my home, which was totaled this Summer after a major water leak. THANK YOU!