Leonard the Lonely Astronaut

I got this idea a few years ago, thought it was crazy, and decided not to do it. But I had made the fateful mistake of telling a few friends.

They agreed it was crazy, and also that it was awesome.

The longer I went avoiding this idea, the more I couldn't stop thinking about it. And finally, it's time.

My next solo record is going to tell the story of a man named Leonard Belle. He lives 300 years from now and loses his wife in a sudden accident while their divorce is being finalized. In his rage and grief he takes a gig driving a long-distance space freighter for a year. (Due to relativity, by the time he returns to Earth everyone he knows will be old or dead.) He decides to bring along some antique instruments and recording equipment (just like the stuff I have!) and will make a record.

This is the record I will make; the man whose story I will tell.

I'm going to build the interior of a spaceship, like the set of a play or a movie, and record the album in there. In uniform. I think it will be crazy fun, inspiring and will allow me to really get into the character and the idea and give it everything I have.

Plus, if I don't do it, I'll end up 75 years old muttering, "Dang it. I never built that spaceship."

Like every kid in every basement with blankets covering the ping-pong table, it's the desire to reach forward and explore.  

When I was that kid, it was adventure and galaxies I wanted to explore. Now it's the depths of who we are as people, the galaxies we have to cross to find each other.

I'm so excited for you to join me on this journey!

Not only am I offering many different incentives to help support this project, I'll also be hosting a "Bring a hammer, build a spaceship" weekend in September. Come to Nashville, bring some tools, and you can help me build the set. I'll cater a couple meals and play a private concert for the builders. It will be an amazingly fun time.

More details on that once we raise the funds to get this project off the ground.

I should add, if I don't raise the total amount of my budget here on Kickstarter, I'll lose every dime committed, so I've set the budget a decent bit lower than what I think it'll actually cost. Hopefully we can get it closer to $20,000. This will also allow for some film and making-of video content.

You guys have supported me so well for so many years, and I honestly could not be more grateful. I absolutely love what I do and the people I get to do it with.  You have made that possible and continue to. It's an honor and a privilege. I hope you have as much fun with this new project as I will.

Thank you.