Some of you may remember that I used to be a real-life, actual "blogger".  I blogged all the time about all kinds of things.  And at after a while it started biting me.  

Turns out some of my opinions weren't quite as informed as I'd thought, and some of my assumptions about what other's opinions were also weren't so correct.  It was a great learning experience, though it often involved my foot in my mouth.  The biggest lesson I learned from that:

Listen.  Don't talk.  Listen.

I was being taught that same lesson in conversation with my wife and other friends.  The good kind of friends, who lovingly tell you when you wrong them.

Now, this is not something that comes easily for me.  I'm one in a long line of storytellers and pontificators.  Any of my production clients or old band mates will tell you:  Andy O can talk.  He is a man of many opinions and stories.

But I hope that as I grow and mature as a friend and a follower that I get better at listening and, with prayer and thought, only say what ought to be said.

That said, I feel like it might be time to get back on the horse a little bit.  There are questions people ask often that it might be fun to answer, and there are some upcoming tour dates and projects to share with you.

To celebrate my tentative reentry, I thought I would quickly lay out a few opinions, just to get them out of the way.  I will not blog or fight about them, but if you want to know me better, here we go:

- U2's "Achtung, Baby" is the best album ever made.

 - I'm over giving or getting music for free.  It costs money to make, it should cost money to own.

 - My wife is funny and smart and pretty.

 - Tolstoy and Dostoevsky are awesome.  Dickens is boring.

 - The ending to LOST was dumb to the point I wish I'd never watched an episode.

 - I'd like to be one of those people who don't own a TV.  But I like TV more than I'd like to be that person.

 - It's strange to me that high school kids now genuinely and un-ironically like 80's hair metal.

 - "Twilight" is … nevermind.

 - I think it would be cool to like Neil Young, but I've never really been able to.

 - I am so tired and numbed by modern worship music that at this point I doubt I'd be able to recognize when good stuff emerges.  I fear this is my loss, but I'd still rather just sing hymns with a piano at church, so I could actually hear the congregation sing and focus on the words.  (Yes, I know that's just another stylistic choice AND that it's somewhat reactionary.)

 - Springsteen needs to make a record produced by Daniel Lanois.  Or me.

 - I want to be friends with more old people.

 - Tom Morello is actually a pretty boring guitar player.

All right, I'm sitting on my couch and I think I've coughed up all my obnoxious opinions now.  If I had really learned what I just talked about I'd delete this.   Oh well.  Here we go!