YoungLife Capernaum - Made Right

You know that YoungLife has been a huge part of my story, and that I've gotten really involved again these past few years.  Well, one of the most amazing things they do is Capernaum, thir ministry for kids with disabilities.

With Capernaum I have seen, with my own tear-filled eyes, as kids in wheelchairs climb through trees 40 feet in the air on a ropes course, with help and encouragement from their able-bodied friends who've given a lot of their lives to serving and loving those kids.  Truly amazing.

Some of the artists who are involved with YoungLife have each donated a track for this CD, and I produced a song that Drew and Ellie Holcomb wrote with one of the Capernaum leaders.  That song features Drew, Ellie, Christopher Williams, Jon Troast, Ryan Long and Paul Eckberg.

Almost every aspect of this CD has been donated, so the money goes straight to Capernaum.  Check it out here!