House Show Auction for Porter's Call

A bunch of Nashville music folk, including many good friends, are donating special items for an ebay auction.  All the funds will go to support a ministry called Porter's Call.

Porter's Call is a Christian, non-profit counseling service that's just for Nashville musician and their families.  And it's free.  Which is wonderful since I don't know many musicians with a lot of extra cash laying around, even for help they may greatly need.

Al Andrews is the counselor.  A kind and wise man who has spent years alongside musicians, understanding the specific difficulties of life on the road, families with a dad gone four days a week, marriages where one person gets applauded in front of a thousand people every night and the other doesn't...   

His office is a safe and comfortable place to let go of secrets and fight to find truth.

"I'm Al.  My knowledge could singlehandedly destroy the Christian Music Industry!"

He gets it and he cares.  And there has been much healing and growth in our community because of this.

Because of Porter's Call there's been a lot of healing and growth in me.

So the artists they've helped for so long are joining with them to help raise enough money to let them keep doing what they do.

In that spirit I'm donating a house show.  Bidding is starting at $100.  I'd love to be able to give them a whole lot more.  Please go to the auction and bid!