A Math Problem

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten last week.  I won't lie, I cried.  I thought I would be ok until the principal started talking about walking down the Kindergarten hall and seeing hope in their bright, little faces.  Cruel woman.

So now my morning routine has changed.  I drop Ella off at school and then have an hour before I need to be at the studio, so I'm going to try to spend that time at the Y every day.  And so I have two questions I'd like to put before you.

1. Will coming to my shows be safe now that I'll have such bulging pectoral muscles?  Will you get hurt just taking in my Herculean form?  And I'd like to answer your question with a question:  Is pain necessarily a bad thing?

2. There are two YMCA's near my route.  One is much closer, but traffic is terrible going to and fro.  The other is a few miles further, but traffic is not near as much of an issue.  According to Google Maps, it will take me the exact same time to go from Ella's school to either Y to my studio.  22 minutes.  One is a 4 mile drive, the other is 11.

My question is: which uses less gas?  The shorter drive, or the one where the engine is more engages and less stop and start?

I know you are geniuses (how else would you know to listen to my music) and so I look forward to your brilliant answers.