I'm writing this blog while my wife is watching Gilmore Girls. They talk so fast I can't concentrate.

So, blog day #2.  Starting it at 9:45 pm, so I'm going to get this one in just fine.

Two days back in the studio now and I'm just now getting over the pile of emails and the To-Do list is whittled to a single column.  Feels good.  I also hung up some Indian tapestries that I got at a shop in Houston.  But they're authentically Indian.  I love them.  I'll take pics tomorrow.

Today I started working on some guitar stuff for Jonah Werner.  He cut the record up in Colorado but I'm doing the guitars and bgv's here and shooting them back to him.  I love working this way, cause nobody has to hear the weird stuff I dig through to find the thing that works.  No awkward moments of "What is this guy doing and why am I paying him?"

Tomorrow I'll be writing with Mitch to try and come up with new songs for YoungLife camp in June.  I was initially going to try to re-record a bunch of old songs, but since I'd have to pay a ridiculous amount to use Normals songs (that I wrote) because of a quaint little piece of paper I signed when I was 18, I had to nix that.  I will be doing "After the Last Tear Falls" but other than that I'm going to try to find some new songs to really fit the evening.

As always I'm starting too late with too lofty of a goal, but the Letters EPs turned out great, so I'm going to go for it.  I have some thoughts on ways to provide a copy of these songs to each camper for free, but that's a later post.

Ok, I think that's enough for now.  Entertaining things will follow this week.  I promise.  But last night I stayed up til 2 working on a new AndyO.com and I've been dragging all day.  Time to get these tired buns in bed.

See you tomorrow.