Crooked Creek and a new CD

So this Summer my family and I will be traveling to YoungLife's Crooked Creek Ranch for a month. I'll be the musical artist and will help lead songs and other random things. My wife and children will hang out and have an awesome time.

YoungLife is a high-school para-church ministry (meaning it's not affiliated with any one particular church) and it was a huge part of my life in high school. It's really the place where I met Jesus, though I had known about Him all my life. Through years of conversations with leaders and, particularly through the time I spent at YoungLife's camps, I really tasted the grace and freedom of Christ and his redemption.

It's a huge honor and blessing to get to go back to the place that was so transformative half my lifetime ago and get to help out. We've done a few camps before, back in the pre-children days, but haven't been in six years. And we're thrilled.

I'll be able to sell CDs at the camp, but there's a pretty rigid pricing policy and, basically, you don't make much money, if anything at all. I'm going to compile a CD of the songs I'll actually be doing at camp, as well as re-recording some songs I've written but didn't record on my own (After the Last Tear Falls, Hold the Light...) and just have one CD available. I hope this will make it easier for kids there to decide to support us by picking up one of my records.

Cause, you know, kids are really digging CDs these days...

I doubt this will cover the entire month of lost income, though, so I'm going to try and have the CD ready at least a month or so ahead of time and offer it on here. A lot of the tracks you may have already, the new recordings and maybe a couple new songs withstanding. Hopefully, between selling them on here and at camp, we can at least break even for the month.

We're going to camp because we completely believe in what happens there and are thrilled to be a part of it, and hopefully this little project can help make that happen for us.

I'm still compiling a list of songs I'll be performing there. If you have any suggestions of songs from my records or Caedmon's/Normals/other co-writes you think could work there, or you'd just like to hear a new recording of, let me know! And any other suggestions of ways for folks to support our time in Colorado are welcome as well!

Thanks! You guys are awesome.