I love Snow Days

Man, what a couple of days! It snowed a couple of inches here in Nashville, which is a lot for a town with three salt trucks. It pretty much shut our city down for three days, which was great. We borrowed some sleds and joined half of our neighborhood sledding down our hilly streets. It was so fun.

Here's how fun:

Many thanks to our friend, and neighbor, Suzanne Williams for taking that photo!

I've been having a great time working on the booking thing as well.  My eyes are a little sore from squinting at a combination of Google maps, facebook and my own awful handwriting, but it's coming together.  I'm even thinking of adding another run out to Nebraska, through Missouri and Iowa in late April/early May.  Here's the schedule as it's shaping up now.

March 3 - Huntsville, AL
March 4 - Birmingham, AL (still open)
March 5 - Georgia/South Carolina (still open)
March 6 - Charlotte, NC
March 7 - Knoxville, TN

March 11 - Indianapolis, IN
March 12 - Cincinnati, OH
March 13 - Elmhust, IL (Chicago-area)
March 14- Champaign, IL

March 18 - Charlottesville, VA (still open)
March 19 - Teaneck, NJ
March 20 - Danbury, CT
March 21 - Lancaster, PA (pending)
March 22 - Akron, OH (pending)

April 7 - Memphis, TN
April 8 - Little Rock, AR
April 9 - Dallas, TX
April 10 - College Station, TX
April 11 - Houston, TX (pending)
April 12 - Lousiana/Mississippi (pending)

And then I’m toying with adding another run to the Great Plains. Once again I have folks in mind for each of these dates and will be in touch with them, but if you see a date here you’d like to host or help out with I’d be grateful! Just shoot me an email at: andrew(at)andrewosenga.com

April 28 - Ironton, MO
April 29 - Lee’s Summit, MO (Kansas City)
April 30 - Omaha, NE
May 1 - Lincoln, NE
May 2 - Cedar Rapids, IA
May 3 - St. Louis, MO

Also, with any of those "still open" dates, if you'd be interested in hosting a show in that area please let me know.  I was genuinely surprised by people's response and how quickly folks got in touch to bring me to share with their communities.  It's been a very encouraging couple days and I'm so grateful.  Thank you!!

More soon...