Tiny Dancer

My oldest daughter E had her first ballet recital last night. So sweet. She was, is, and for a long while will be, so excited about it. My arm is still sore from holding the video camera in the air for 45 minutes. It was also the last day of nursery/pre-school. I sound like an old man, but they are growing up so fast. Last night was tender and precious, a little bitter but mostly sweet.

Besides that I've been busy in the studio. Doing a ton of mixing/mastering these days. I'm new to that world, but I've really been enjoying it. Can't wait til you get to hear Randall Goodgame's tune on BriteRevolution.com next month.

I've spending quite a bit of time on my next "big idea". It's the weirdest one I've had yet, but I think it's probably worth doing. That's all I feel I can say right now, but soon and very soon you'll be invited to be a part and I'm excited.

Besides writing and recording I've been slowly starting to pursue what may very well be a leading to a whole new world. I've been talking with some folks, praying with others, and am hoping to find both a clear calling and a resource to allow me to more fully use my gifts to both help younger artists and provide for my family without always feeling the tug of the road. You can pray for me, I'd appreciate that. I wish I had a better way to say what this means to me, but it's still a bit amorphous in my head, though it's becoming somewhat concrete in my heart.

Anyway, Steve Hindalong is here now and we're going to cut a demo for a tune we wrote way too long ago. I'm always excited to spend some time with him. Should be fun. Talk soon.