Charleston is gorgeous

I'm in Charleston, SC.  I have been for the past couple of days.  Cliff, Danielle and I were supposed to be the music for a conference here this weekend, but Cliff and Danielle played the flu card at the last minute and it ended up just being me.  At first I was a little frustrated, and nervous (this would mean I'd be spending three days with complete strangers, and be the youngest person by roughly a decade).

It's been amazing, though.  The hotel is awesome, the people have been incredibly kind and welcoming, and this city is just gorgeous.  I've popped on the ipod and gone for a couple monster runs each day here.  Breaking the 5-mile mark for me two days in a row!

From the hotel it's about two miles to the battery, which is a good mile stretch right along the harbor.  Yesterday I ran into the sunset, today I ran as it fell behind me.  Today, also, the wind was blowing just enough that every now and then I'd get a little dousing of salt water.  Just enough to invigorate me.  The first one hit me right at the beginning of the Edge's fantastic guitar solo in "Unknown Caller" on the new U2 record.  I got chills.  And I had gotten chills in almost that exact same spot yesterday to Trent Dabbs' song "The Water".  Oh, to have a flat, beautiful, sealevel place to run every day...

I've been saving up this whole season of LOST until now, as well.  I couldn't handle dealing with keeping it all straight while Battlestar was reaching its crescendo, but now it's been fun to dive in.  Watching episodes back to back while I've been traveling has been awesome.  This season really is good.  I'll watch one more tonight before I crash.

Tomorrow it's back to Nashville.  Friday was the first full day I've spent away from my family this entire year.  Crazy.  And wonderful.  It's been nice to have a little break.  Spend some time in quiet, reading, writing, walking and running.  LOSTing.  But it'll be good to be back home.  Ella and I sang the Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine parts to "A Whole New World" today over the phone, but it's just not the same.