The only things in life to fear are death and taxes (or something like that...)

Well, with plenty of time to spare I have again filed taxes like a (barely) responsible citizen.  Now that I'm no longer in The Normals I make enough money to have to file every year.  Wow, what a blessing.

So once again my internet savior, Geof Morris, has risen to the occasion and fixed my website.  You'll now notice it actually loads.  Thank you, Geof.  Now I can actually update my blog.  I'll be updating a few other things around here as well.  Mainly to reflect projects I'm working on as a producer or my new solo work exclusive to Brite Revolution.

I'm playing another full-band rock and roll show here in Nashville in about two weeks.  April 27, to be exact.  I've heard from about four different folks that they're planning on coming in from out of town, even out of state to catch this show.  Aside from the fact that I'm incredibly honored that someone would take all that time to see a dude sing eight or nine tunes and play a few guitar solos, I'm also thinking we should make something out of it.  Seems like we ought to invite others to come as well and all meet for dinner someplace great and local.  Anybody else out there want in?  I'll be thinking of a great place to go...

Well, since I'm finally back to the blogosphere I thought I'd make a couple lists, since that's mainly what the internet is for.  Here we go:

Top 5 things I've been listening to:

1. U2 - No Line on the Horizon
2. White Stripes - Icky Thump
3. Fleet Foxes - Sun Giant EP
4. David Byrne and Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
5. Wes Pickering - Being Born EP

Top 5 things I've been reading:

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (again)
2. The Stranger - Albert Camus (disturbing)
3. A friend's work-in-progress about her life growing up and leaving a cult (inspiring)
4. Handbook to Prayer - Kenneth Boa (thanks Randy!)
5. boring information about people I don't know (thanks to the weird new facebook layout)

Top 5 things I'd rather be doing

1. reading on a beach in Hawaii with my wife
2. writing in a notebook at Malibu Lodge, Vancouver
3. going down a giant waterslide into a pool of ice-cold lemonade (huh??)
4. being able to get decent U2 tickets
5. sleeping in, every day

Top 5 things I'm thrilled to be doing

1. waking up every day to the face of my four-year old wanting to play
2. receiving plucked dandelions from my very excited two-year old
3. producing a project for super-dude Kevin Lawson at Sputnik
4. living in this neighborhood with these friends
5. actually getting to see and touch my wife every day, instead of just connecting over the phone

Top 5 things I will do before sleeping tonight:

1. watch last week's Dollhouse (which is getting better and may turn into an actual good show)
2. read a little of List #2, Item #1 (and possibly item #4)
3. stick in some ear plugs
4. put a pillow over my face
5. sigh