I threw myself down the side of a mountain

So last week our family went out to Colorado for a few days to visit Alison's brother and his wife.  It was a hectic trip, but great to see everybody.  While out there we got the chance to go skiing at the Keystone resort.  I skiied once seventeen years ago and my brother got a concussion halfway down the mountain and that was it.  It's safe to say, I am a newbie.

So Ella (my almost 4-year old daughter) and I took a "Daddy and Me" ski lesson.  We wore helmets.  It was a very short slope.  We made pizzas with our feet.  I don't want to brag, but I was totally better than she was.

Then I attempted to go down a mountain.  This was dumb.  I realized about three feet down that 30 is too old to start skiing.  Why?  Because at this age you have at least a small amount of common sense.  The line between fun and incredible pain is far too thin for a breadwinning family man to attempt to walk.  Nevertheless, I made it down twice.  My knee's a little jacked up so no running this week, but I'm glad I can say that I did it.  And that I'll never do it again.

I came back home via Ohio and played my first Caedmon's show in a few months ago.  It was good to see everybody again, and to get to play those tunes another time.

This week I've been writing tunes with Randall, doing some preproduction with Lizza Connor for a new project and a few other guitar and writing sessions.  Monday night I'm playing guitar for Jill Phillips' cd release at 12th and Porter here in Nashville.  Promises to be a great night, so come on out for that.

Lastly, for now, here's a link for any dudes out there who need something to help keep you and your conscience clean while living amongst the internet.  It's been a great gift to me and my community.  It's free and works really well...  CLICK HERE

More tomorrow, see you soon.