So Say We All

Well, tonight is the final Battlestar Galactica episode.  I'm sure you're all as torn up as I am.

We've had family in town the past two weekends, the weekend before that we were with family in Colorado, and this weekend my grandparents are coming to town.  They decided yesterday they were restless and felt like making a nine-hour drive to see their great-granddaughters.  I hope to be so spontaneous in my 70's.

Like a lot of us, it again seems that nothing has been going on and that it's been crazy busy.  Ella turned four on Monday.  She got a bike with training wheels.  That went fast.  That evening my wife also went to see the New Kids on the Block.  I have too many sarcastic things to say so I'll just pass on this one.

I've been busy writing, producing and playing a few sessions.  It's been fun to work with so many talented people, though I end up pretty spent at the end of most days.

Speaking of talented people, I'm going to have a killer band for Monday night's show at the Rutledge here in Nashville.  Ben Shive will be playing a set of his own and Lindsey Jones as well.  Going to be awesome, please come out.

Well, Jason Gray just got here and we're going to tweak a tune and head to lunch.  Happy Battlestar Day.