I give. Here's my list of 25.

So it's all over facebook, these lists of 25 things about the writer. Little tidbits of random information. The girls are asleep, my wife is having dinner with a friend, and it's too early to start watching last night's Battlestar (that'd be like U2 playing before the opening act). So here we go...

1. I've been in every state but Rhode Island. And I might have actually been there, I just don't remember it.
2. I lost a slice off the bottom of my big right toe a few years ago and it's been numb ever since. Until last week. I think the nerves may be growing back. Yikes.
3. Today Kevin Mann came over so we could work on his pedalboard. While here he sprayed contact cleaner in Billy Cerveny's eyes thinking it was compressed air. I felt bad for laughing.
4. I have learned the hard way not to buy a used toilet.
5. My favorite part of an electric guitar is the back of the neck.
6. I was once on MTV's "Total Request Live" claiming to have requested Tupac's "Changes".
7. I have never eaten sushi.
8. It took me a year and a half to read the first half of 'The Brothers Karamazov'. I read the second half in New Orleans in one 14-hour sitting that ended up at 7 am.
9. My oldest daughter and I sing "A Whole New World" from Aladdin at least three times a day. It is a classy duet.
10. The class schedule my senior year of high school was as follows: English, English, PE, Choir, Lunch, English, Orchestra, Study Hall. Also, Bobes and I skipped a lot.
11. My phone plays Celine Dion when my wife calls me and Cartman when it's anybody else.
12. I could eat toast for every meal and be happy.
13. My biggest pet peeve is willful ignorance.
14. My second biggest is red tape, usually this is an extension of the prior.
15. Andy Gullahorn's web site may be my favorite place on the internet.
16. Today I attended a senior recital at Belmont where James Sweeting performed my song "Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates" with piano, drums, three background singers, a hammered dulcimer, bass, two guitars and a four-piece string section. It was wonderful.
17. I own every book by Kurt Vonnegut and John Steinbeck and all but two of Ernest Hemingway.
18. Here's why: I dropped out of college after my freshman year and felt dumb, so I went to the used bookstore in every town we were in and bought all the books I imagined smart people would read.
19. My dream house would have a library that looked out on a river.
20. I firmly believe Fat Mo's is the best burger in Nashville. And the best fries. And milkshakes. So there. Now I'm hungry.
21. I have logged over 600,000 miles in Ford 15-passenger vans.
22. I lived for three years in a 3200 sq. ft. apartment with a hot tub and it was the cheapest rent I ever had.
23. Back in the Normals, Mark used to build his own pyrotechnics and test them in a parking lot in Franklin, TN. The cops came once, thought we were shooting guns, cuffed us and ended up giving Mark a demo.
24. I hate driving, anywhere and for any length of time.
25. The "Wisdom Teeth" episode of Dr. Katz is my favorite episode of any TV show ever.

Now it's time for Battlestar. Good evening.