The Springsteen Bowl

Springsteen? Yes, please. Hope that cameraman was ok. The SuperBowl was even exciting (for a non-football guy like me).

However, our DVR didn't catch the last ten minutes of The Office, since the game went long. That was a sadness.

In other news, today was gorgeous in Nashville, and this not-touring thing really paid off today. I had a Sunday afternoon nap AND a Sunday afternoon run. Everybody was out today, folks walking dogs, out for a stroll, playing football in the parks and at the schools. I love the feeling that the whole town is coming out of hibernation. It's supposed to snow tonight, so it might all be a big tease, but today was awesome.

In other, other news, Andy and the Andys played our third show ever Friday night, and that was fun. I brought a camera and, of course, took no pictures or video. Anybody out there have any documentation?

We played our six songs and each did a few of our own with the band. So fun. David Wilcox was there and did a couple tunes in the middle, as well. I really hope we get to play more shows this year, it's such a great time. My goal is to finish up our EP by March. We'll see.

Tomorrow the week starts again. I've got some cool writing appointments I'm excited about, and I'll probably start mixing Brice Ash's record, which is really coming along great.

Closing question. Did any of you see "No Country for Old Men"? What did you think?