On the Road Again. Ha! Get it? Like Willie Nelson's song!

Remember when I blogged every day? That was a fun time, eh? Well, I think once you've waited over a month between posts you're officially no longer a blogger. Oh well.

I'll say this. Life is not often lived online, and so I'm ok with not blogging as much this year. I have definitely lived more this year, and I'm glad.

Like right now. I'm on the road with Andy Gullahorn and Andrew Peterson driving to Charlotte, NC to play the second of three shows in our world tour. Last night we were in Knoxville, TN and had a great time. We keep talking about how we need to do more of these, and we do. Hopefully next year we can make that happen more.

Speaking of, I am starting to play some solo shows again. Taking this year to be home and off the road has been wonderful, but I'm excited about the idea of taking a weekend or two each month to go and play a handful of select shows and do a few seminars about songwriting and the creative process. If you'd be interested in bringing me to your area, please email Nick at topfivebooking(at)gmail.com and we'll hook it up!

Other than that, I moved into my new studio room this past week. It's a great little room. I have an iso-booth for a singer or guitar player and then some room for writing and a bunch of guitars. It's pretty vibe-less right now, just a room full of gear and blank walls, but the vibe will come soon. It takes time, you know. Got to create that atmosphere that makes it comfortable to open up and reach for greatness.

I'll post some photos next week.

The first project I'm working on there is an EP for Matt Long, which has been super fun. He's a great guy and a really fun songwriter. I'm looking forward to having folks get to hear this project.

So, really quickly, other things going on I'd like you to know about:

I'm playing a full-band rock show in Nashville this Thursday night, Oct 22, at 3rd and Lindsley, 9 PM, $5.

Later this month and early November I'm playing five more shows on guitar with Jars of Clay. We'll be in California, Arizona and New Mexico. You can check my tour dates pages for the specifics.

I'll be on Andrew Peterson's Christmas Tour in December. If you've never seen the show, you need to. It's amazing, and I'm glad to get to be doing it one more year. I'm hoping to have a new collection of songs ready in time for that tour as well. Once I get into making that record I will hopefully be able to devote some of that time to update this here blog.

As for now, I'm going to save this file, shut my laptop, engage in conversation with my friends and post this when I get to the venue.