I'll Be Home Soon

So the new year is upon us. It's always such a great reminder of the hope we have, that making a change, starting over, that these things are really possible.

For me this feels a bit less metaphorical this year. A season of change is here, and I think it's a good one. After a lot of prayer and conversation I've decided that this year I'll be spending off the road. I'm going to dive in deeper with songwriting, production and session guitar work here in Nashville.

I may do a few shows, maybe short solo runs in the Spring and Fall, and I may do a bit with Caedmon's, but it will be very minimal. I'm ready to be able to more fully invest in my relationships at home, both with my family and my friends, and with work opportunities here in town.

Being gone three days over the weekend means the next three days in town are always spent at home, then you're about to leave again so you spend the last day at home, thus ensuring you fall off the radar with your friends, unless they're on the road with you. I'm really excited to not always have a NASA-style countdown to departure running in my background. It will feel weird, I've been on the road for eleven years now, but I think it will be good.

I'll still be playing shows in Nashville, probably more so, and will stay posting and working on solo material. I hope I'm able to keep things interesting on here, and I somehow imagine it will be easier, as I might have some more free time.

So that's my big news, not that it's really that huge. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas season and sees hope somewhere in this new year. The AP Christmas tour was, to me, the best and most fun yet. Knowing it would be my last road experience for a while allowed me to really embrace it and enjoy it.

So now it's time for me to get to work, I have some bgv's to do today, and a few meetings. You guys have been the most amazing support for the past many years, and I hope it's just the beginning. Happy New Year.

The Last Show's Songs:
I'll Be Home Soon