Lindsey Jones - "Honestly"

I produced an EP for an artist named Lindsey Jones last year. It was just released last week, and I was able to play with her at the CD release show. I wanted to share one of the tunes with you, cause I just think it's really fun.

The band is Paul Eckberg on drums, Jeff Irwin on bass, Ben Shive on keys playing one of the most wicked solos I've ever heard, and me playing guitar, trombone and singing a bit.


Lindsey's a great artist. She has something to say, but she's not so burdened with it that overtakes the desire to just make music that's fun to listen to. It was a fun record to make and I hope it does well for her. You can get the record and hear other songs HERE.

(Do any of you Web Ninjas know how to make that file a streaming player? It used to show up like that, now it doesn't. I have no clue. Thank you!)

In other news, my whole family is under the weather today. Lots of Disney Princess songs on DVD, vitamin C and trying to get some rest. Hope you all are feeling better!