I am an NFL Genius.

I'm sitting at 3rd and Lindsley, a club in Nashville, about to play a couple CD release shows. Lindsey Jones is a fantastic artist. I produced her EP and I think it was one of the best things I got to work on all year. You can find that HERE. I'll post one of her songs eventually, because I think you'll like it, but this internet connection is pretty slow.

I'm also playing with Julianna Zobrist. Mitch produced her EP, which I got to play on. She's 9 months pregnant. Due in two weeks. Crazy. You can find out about her HERE.

So my first week as a home-bound Nashvillian has been crazy. Just super busy. Good things, but I wish they could be a bit more spread out sometimes!

Alison and I, and a bunch of other friends, got to spend a day and a half listening to author Dan Allender speak. He talked about marriage and it was an incredibly beautiful and inspiring time. I wish I could share it all with you, but to try think of one or two nuggets, the experience bottlenecks in my brain. He's amazing in that he never tells you "do this" or "five steps to doing THAT", he just talks about what is true (about pain, God, emotions, escape, contempt, sex, etc...) and then you see that truth revealing to you what needs to be done. Amazing. It's a really loving way to guide people, and I was grateful to sit under his words for that time.

Finally, for those of you who were actively following my NFL picks for this season, you should click THIS. Next year, if you want to make some money gambling, just call me. It's obvious I know what's going on.

Well, I have more to share about this past week, but maybe if I don't spew it all out in one post I can have some left over and write again tomorrow. Novel thought, eh. Ok, I have to go play now. I just had a cajun chicken sandwich. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. So, now you know.