Christmas in September

I'm sitting here with my girls, loving little kid cuteness. Yesterday was a great day. Cason came and picked me up a bit before midnight and we hopped on a bus with Andy P, Gabe Scott, Garett, Carrie, Ben Shive, Jill Phillips and Jason Gray. We played some of Andy's Christmas songs for a TV show down in Atlanta.

Andy was busy with interviews all day so the rest of us slept in and hung out. It was as much of a day off as a musician with toddlers could hope to get.

I'm really excited for the Christmas tour this year. There have been times when the only thing you can think of by the end of the year is that year being over, and it's hard to invest in something at that point. I think everybody's in a good space this year, though, and I have high expectations.

I'm working at Paul Moak and Will Sayles' studio, the Smoakstack, today. It should be fun. Cason and Tony Lucido are on the session as well. I'm really looking forward to it.

Thanks to everybody who has downloaded Letters 2, and more thanks to everybody who's chipped in to pay for it. Last I heard, as of a few days ago, there were over 1400 downloads. That is awesome. You are awesome. Have a great day.