I forgot that Dumbo could fly.

I had a great time last night watching Eric Peters, Andy Gullahorn, Ben Shive and Jill Phillips play an in-the-round set at 12th and Porter. So fun to see some good friends and hear some great songs. Tomorrow most of the Behold the Lamb gang will hop on a bus and head to Georgia with Andy P to do some songs for some sort of TV show. I'm looking forward to the hang most of all.

Speaking of Andrew Peterson, his other site, the Rabbit Room, did a nice little write-up about Letters to the Editor, Vol. II. Very kind.

In other news, the Caedmon's show Saturday went pretty well. Cliff and Danielle weren't able to be there due to hurricane damage in their neighborhood. Last I heard they're going on day 10 without power. So I sang lead the whole show. Mandy Mann, who often fills in for Danielle was there and she did a fantastic job. Her husband, Kevin, is our road manager and he knocked it out of the park playing Cliff's parts on acoustic while singing my vocal parts. It was confusing, but really fun. The crowd was great and it was loose, but fun, as you might expect. Does anybody have any pictures?

My daughter Ella is obsessed with Dumbo all of a sudden. She hasn't seen the movie, she just has one of those little Golden Books about him. Alison sang her the song Dumbo's mom sings him when she's in jail and she rocks him through the window with her trunk. "Baby of Mine". Ella can't stop talking about that song so I bought Alison Krauss' version on iTunes. Everytime Ella hears it she cries and she won't stop asking me to play it. Girls.

I got home Sunday morning and spent the whole day with the girls. It was very fun. Ella on her tricycle and Sadie in the wagon. Fixing the swingset and looking at tons of books. It was good to spend a day like that.

It's back to the studio today and to Andy P's bus at midnight tonight. Hope you guys have a great week. See you tomorrow.