What a Week.

Wow, you guys are amazing. Donations have started coming in for Letters to the Editor, Vol. II and we're really thankful.

I had one of those "stressful cause of a million things, but nothing in particular" weeks this past week and I sort of snapped out of it yesterday. Thankfully.

Then in the past 24 hours have gotten an email from two of my close friends, one whose wife, a first-year teacher, is getting called up for active duty, probably in Iraq, the other's wife was diagnosed as probably having MS.

My week wasn't bad.

There's no gas anywhere in Nashville. A pipeline got cut off, Nashvillians freaked out and bought all the gas they could and now there are lines five hours long at the few gas stations who have one pump working.

Our sound guy, Harold, from Houston, has been without power or water for a week, his mother-in-law's house is gone. Like, as in "what used to be on this slab of concrete?" gone.

My 1/4 tank isn't that troubling.

There are a million things I can fixate on in my own life that aren't just what I want, but to do that is to miss the things that are going on around me. I feel the past year God has been opening my eyes to the good things around me. Now maybe he's opening them to what is not so good, somehow in the context.

Please pray for these friends of mine. I don't know what kind of thing to ask you to pray for anymore, but I believe prayer has got to do something.

Thank you for being the people who are supporting and praying for me.