Many Thanks and Tough Times

Well, a might thanks to all of you. Over the past two days there have been over 900 downloads of Letters to the Editor, Vol. II.

I've received some some wonderful comments and emails and I'm grateful. It's always tough to put yourself out there when you release something new. It's harder when you're the only person that's had a hand in it. You can't blame anybody else. So thank you for your kindness and your open ears.

And many, many thanks to the folks who have financially supported me/the project. It's very appreciated and very helpful. Tough times for us musician folk, so all the support is gratefully received.

Speaking of tough times for musician folk, Cliff and Danielle Young have spent the past week in Houston with no power and all sorts of other craziness. We get sporadic word from them, but it's insane down there. Your prayers are welcomed.

They aren't able to leave town at this point to do the Caedmon's show this weekend, which is very understandable, and so yours truly will be taking the reins. Always a little scary, but it should be fun.

I guess that's it for me today. Feeling pretty overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions, but also feeling like there's a path around here somewhere that leads out of this wilderness. I've got a few non-negotiables, very few actually, and the rest is whatever it is. "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."

Lord, give me faith, and thank you for these friends walking with me.