Waiting for the boys

I'm sitting on my couch, keeping one eye on the driveway. Any minute Randall and Christopher will be here to pick me up. We're going to hop on a plane to Seattle, then head up to Vancouver, then get on a boat to take us 100 miles up the inlets to my favorite place on Earth. Really. It's my favorite.

There's a lodge right down the boardwalk from a YoungLife camp called Malibu up there, and we're going to be part of a small artist retreat hosted by Donald Miller. I'm really looking forward to it. A few of my close friends are going besides Randall and Christopher, I'm excited to meet the other artists in attendance, and again, it's my favorite place on Earth.

I'll take pictures.

Alison and the girls headed out yesterday morning to North Carolina and are now currently at the beach with her parents. Pretty nice. I've been bachelor for a day and a half now, so I did what comes naturally. I stayed at the studio until 4 am working on Letters 2. It was great.

They're here. See you guys later.