Webground® Vocals (and then some...)

All right, folks, this is the part I've been excited about. I hope you are, too.

Last year it was a crazy experiment. This time we know it will probably work. So I'm adding another level of interesting. I'll get to that in a minute.

It's time to see if we can pull off another round of webground® vocals!

What I have here is a zip file you can download. In it are some mp3s and instructions. If you have GarageBand or ProTools or Logic or Cakewalk or some sort of audio recording program you should be able to make this work. There are the backing tracks of the song and then separate tracks of the parts I need you to sing. Or play.

And by play I mean, play your instrument. Whatever instrument you do play. Acoustic guitar, flute, tuba, accordian, cello, etc... As long as you play either the chords or the main melody (which are provided for you) I'll fit you in somehow. And this will be crazy, and really might not work. But if it does, which I'm betting on, it could be awesome.

So click the link below and be a part of this project.


This kind of stuff is so fun. I wish I could do this every day, but then it might get old... Either way, I'm honored that people were a part of this last year, and I've been glad to see folks have asked to do it again. It's a thrill to hear your voices and to make this music together.

You're amazing and I hope you guys have a great time with this.

Ok, Let's Get Webgrounded®!!!

(Special thanks to Mike Allard, who made a PDF of the included instructions, since my Microsoft Word apparently has some virus. This just goes to show: Bill Gates hates webground® vocals. Thanks Mike!)