Two Inspirations

I've spent the past two weeks mainly out of the studio and not playing shows, and have been instead with my family and some close friends. I've also met some new friends.

This past week six of my Nashville buddies and I went up to British Columbia, Canada and attended a retreat. We were part of a group of about 25 artists from different disciplines; a few musicians, a few authors, some filmmakers, a photographer, a clothing designer... It was a wonderful time. My good friend Al spoke, and it was amazingly insightful and impacting.

The most profound things we saw, though, were the lives of our hosts, the Goff family, whose lodge was used for our time. They served us in incredibly thought-out and beautiful ways, and hearing their story and watching them live it is causing me to really think about my own life, and what it might need to start looking like.

You can see from yourself, this is a half-hour of Bob Goff speaking at Anderson University last year. Keep in mind, he never "spoke" to us, he just shuttled us around, swapped stories with us, asked questions and listened. His family made us amazing meals and welcomed us completely, making it possible for a bunch of artists to spend time in a beautiful place to think and listen to Jesus.

And the week before I went to this retreat my family and I were back at home in Illinois, where my brother provided me with this same type of inspiration. CLICK THIS and see what he's been up to.

So the questions I have to ask myself:

- What am I doing about my faith?

- What dreams has God put inside me should I pull out of the "Crazy" pile and start looking at again?

- If my life is not about my job and my status, what is it about?

How about you?