Nerd Heaven

There's a definite connection between how much my children sleep and how much I blog. Obviously, they have not slept much this past week. I'll leave it at that.

Tonight was a bit of nerd heaven. First, I was finally able to reserve tickets for "The Dark Knight" on IMAX. Tuesday night. Bring it.

Then I got home to find my two magazines had both arrived. Wired and Tape Op, which is not only my favorite recording magazine but the ONLY one that's free. Awesome.

Tonight my wife had to run some errands, so I updated my operating system (this is my second attempt at Leopard) while watching an animated Batman prequel thing called "Gotham Knight". It tells some of the story between "Batman Begins" and this new one. It had some cool moments and it further got me in the mood for tomorrow. Many thanks to Rae who let me know about this movie via twittter.

In Letters news: I'm halfway through the recording of my third tune, a track called "Shepherd". I haven't had as much uninterrupted time to work on this project as I did last time, and it's been a bit disappointing to get an idea and then have to wait a couple days to do anything about it. But I'm about halfway through already, so I shouldn't complain. It always look different in the middle. Anyway, tomorrow morning I'll finish that song up and then run some amps over to Steve and Derri to borrow for a couple weeks.

Well, that's about it for me. Hopefully sleep will be more gracious tonight. See you tomorrow.