Getting Started

I headed back to the studio late last night to finish up the idea I was working on. I got home very late, but the first track for Letters 2 is complete. Not mixed, but all there and working very nicely. I'm pretty excited, I won't lie.

I'm going to have to figure out how to keep everything updated and share the process without actually blowing the experience of hearing the songs for the first time. Sometimes friends will give me a bootleg of unfinished U2 stuff or something and I never listen to it.

I admire the process too much, and I so love that first listen of something I've been waiting to hear. I'll read all about it, but don't give it to me until it's ready. I don't usually watch trailers for movies I know I want to see, either.

SO... how would you guys like to follow this process? Are videos good? How would YOU like to be involved? Because I want you to be.