Lando's last day

Happy Monday, fellow internet people. Hope you guys had a good weekend. I went up to Merrillville, IN with Caedmon's, where we played at the national convention for the Salvation Army. Now that's an organization that was not even on my radar, but I was really impressed and inspired by the things they have going on.

At the airport on the way there I ran into my airport-only friend Shaun Groves. He was ahead of me in the Southwest line, and behind a guy who had a guitar on his back. The guitar had a sticker that said "GTR 2 - BDW", which I of course instinctively took to understand that this was the guitar player for none other than Lando himself: Billy Dee Williams. I informed Shaun of my discovery when our sections of line were next to each other, and he told me the guy was in a band called Big Daddy Weave. I have a hard time believing it. Go Lando!!!

Today I start producing a new record for Andy Dolson, which I'm excited about. I played guitar on his last record and really enjoyed working with him, so this should be fun.

The launch date for the new site is tomorrow, so stay tuned! See you tomorrow.