Andy can't talk

I was feeling kind of crummy this weekend. Just worn out and a little sinus nasty. Playing in the heat Sunday actually helped me feel a little better, but our bus driver was Walter from The Big Lebowski and none us got much sleep the way he drove.

So Monday night I played a show here in town. Had a great band, really fun show. I sang really well, and I kept thinking "this is way easier than I expected" thinking that my voice would be having a hard time. Well, ten minutes after "Santa Barbara", our last song, my voice completely gave out. Disappeared.

I had a session yesterday, producing a record for uber-artist to the stars Nick Flora. But I had to call in sick today. Something I haven't done in an incredibly long time. I just can't do much without talking.

I had to run a few errands today, though. Went by Sputnik and heard a new tune Jars just finished up. Sounds incredible. They keep being such a good band. I kind of wish they'd let me join them, just for a little while.

Now I'm off to cut one last tune at Eckberg's place, and then hopefully back to bed. I have to finish up a couple details for the new website and we'll be ready for launch. Can't wait.