This is what happens when the Dads are in charge

So last night at our neighborhood group we were going to try some group babysitting, hiring somebody to watch all the kids in the basement at the same time to save us money on each hiring one at home. But there was some miscommunication with the sitter and, long story short, the guys gave the night to our lady friends and we took the kids to a playground at the elementary school a few blocks away.

All was fine and well until my three-year old ran up to me, "Daddy, I need to go to the potty!" I looked around, no sign of a bathroom anywhere. Frankly, I know it's possible for girls to go outside, but it's not something I'm incredibly familiar with.

We made an attempt around the corner of the school building, but the nerves outweighed the need and we headed back to the playground. Ten minutes later we were kicking a ball around a field when I heard again, "Daddy, I need to go to potty!" We ran for the trees, but it didn't look like we were going to make it.

So right there in the middle of the elementary school field, I put one arm out to set her legs on, the other behind her back, and held her in the air a few inches above the ground hoping she could do her business before my arms gave out. Then the magic happened. And she changed plays on the last down.

She stood back up, pulled up her clothes and yelled to all her friends (and mine) "I pooped!!! In the field!!!"

I've never been more proud.