Orange you glad you can vote for BJ?

BJ Aberle, the bass player for The Normals, has just entered a remix he made of a Glen Phillips song in a contest.  He's in second place right now, and since he was in The Normals he's more comfortable there than he ought to be.  So go to his blog HERE, read up on how you can help him and join the coalition of the willing.  Together we can get our surge on and crown BJ the remix king, as he so rightly deserves.shirt

So like two years ago Geof Morris sent me this shirt with a note saying "I saw this and I thought of you."  To be honest, I never understood it.  I thanked him, and wore it fairly often, but I couldn't figure out why this shirt made him think of me.

A week ago Ella was helping me pick my shirt out from a bin of clean laundry and she chose this one.  And all of a sudden I got it.

All the fruits are saying words that rhyme with themselves (Pear: "Care", Cherry: "Fairy") and the orange is crying.  BECAUSE THERE ARE NO WORDS THAT RHYME WITH ORANGE!

This shirt rules.  Thanks, Geof.