Three Miles

Went out for a run tonight and finally hit my three-mile goal. Very exciting. So excited I couldn't breathe for about five minutes. And may not be able to walk tomorrow. But it's about the length of the race, and hopefully that means I can at least finish. That is my only goal.

Well, except the goal of raising a thousand dollars to put 40 kids in school. And we've now raised it! Which is awesome. However, I'm getting beaten in the fund-raising by a fifth-grader. He's got $2500 raised. Come on, friends, we can't get beaten by a 5th Grader!!

Remember, $25 goes for eight school bucks, two uniforms and a pair of shoes for an African child, allowing them to be enrolled in school. Give up some coffee, or a drive to the end of your block and back, both things that can cost around $25 right now, and help these kids out. CLICK HERE and then enter my name under the first entry, yours under the second. Thanks so much!!