Ben Shive for President

My good friend, and the newest member of the Square Peg Alliance, Ben Shive has been working on a masterpiece of a record for the last few years, and people, it is almost done. And you need to own it. In the baddest of ways.

Not only is he the finest piano player I know, but one of the finest songwriters, and producers, and arrangers, and hair stylists. You can preorder his record at the Rabbit Room now. It will be released on June 17 and if you preorder you get two extra tracks and an exclusive digital booklet. But the biggest reason to preorder is to support Ben and allow him to finish the masterpiece that is the Ill-Tempered Klavier.

CLICK HERE to go to the Store, then choose the Ben Shive tab.

Oh, and if you don't want to take my word for it, take a minute to hear from a few other of Ben's biggest fans...