Drums and Bass Day

No score and three years ago... was a very painful day. Just in case you're keeping track. Maybe someday I'll have a party.

So yesterday was drums and bass day on my new project. Andy Hubbard and Aaron Sands were the backbone, Andy Hunt was tweaking the knobs, and Neilson and I were getting them to do whatever we wanted. It was fun.

I still can't get my iMovie working (I apparently deleted something important when I moved from my old computer to this one) so there's more to come, but here are a few photos...

Andy Hubbard

Andy Hubbard's evil twin

Mr. Aaron "Fingers McGillicutty" Sands

Neilson, Andy Hunt and Nate (assisting)

What happened to Nate when he had to leave Calypso Cafe, where were eating lunch, because somebody locked the door wrong, set off the alarm, and the cops were at the studio. Andy Hunt was in charge of placing his order, which included two sides. This is, in case you didn't notice, a chicken sandwich with potato chips AND tortilla chips. Yummy.

This thing scares me

All right, it's back to work for me. I'm working on the answers to the questions you sent in a couple days ago. Stay tuned. More soon.