things that are awesome

Things that happened today that were super awesome:

- think I sold all the gear I had listed the other day

- set up a ton of recording gear to work on Ben Shive's record, to realize I had upgraded my computer beyond what my audio software would work on

- crashed Todd's computer while trying to fix mine.

- fixed Todd's computer

- went for a run listening to Michael Penn

- broke into a couple stranger's computers around the church trying to find something with any sort of decent recording software

- was finally given a password to a computer with the program Digital Performer on it

- found out that Digital Performer is written in Martian French and I don't understand it

- Todd remembered that uber-bassologist Trip Wamsley speaks Martian French AND uses Digital Performer

- called Trip, got it working

- finally played on Ben's wonderful songs (seven hours later)

- Jazzmaster, Les Paul, life is good

- going to watch last night's Battlestar and go to bed now

- locked my glasses and contact solution in the recording room

- going to try leaving my contacts in water bottle caps overnight

- I don't think it will work either

- good night.