If this week were a dude

"If this week were a dude," I told a friend last night, "I'd punch him right in the nose." It's been a fairly ridiculous week where something fairly major broke almost every day.

Tuesday I followed my friend Brody's suggestion for "positive post Tuesday" and then jumped in the shower. And then promptly jumped out again when my wife informed me that a decent portion of the water was spilling into the storage closet in our basement.

If you remember last year, we had to have almost every inch of our plumbing replaced, because it leaked into our basement, ruining three rooms. We've just gotten within sight of having a workable space down there again when we found this leak, in the six feet of pipe that wasn't replaced last year. Come on. Bring the party.

So Wednesday was just a rough day, more internally than externally. Writer's block and finding out about some health insurance miscommunication just furthered that.

Then Thursday night I decided to get on a better track, a healthier track. Specifically, the elliptical machine in the basement. I set up my computer on a pile of guitar cases so I could watch 30 Rock while working up a little sweat. Of course, the computer fell off, breaking the screen and rendering it unusable. So I don't have a working computer right now, hence your emails have not been returned.

Yesterday I hopped in my car to pick up Todd and Garett so we could drive to Dyersburg, TN for a Caedmon's show. Before I even got to Todd's house the check engine light came on. Somehow we got all the way to the show, but we couldn't go more than 40 mph uphill and it was shaking like we were breaking through the atmosphere. Took it to a place called Master Muffler down the street from the college where we played and they informed one of the cylinders in my engine wasn't firing. Apparently, this is a bad thing.

On the other hand, they were able to fix it by their closing time and it was a much better ride on the way home. Also, we had a great conversation about all the alliterative muffler shop name possibilities, such as...

- Mighty Muffler
- Muffler Magic
- Mother Muffler
- Shut De Do, Keep Out De Muffla
- Muffler Monster
- Muffler Mama

...And so on. You can tell we were tired.

We had a good show in Dyersburg. A good crowd and some fun, musical moments. Danielle and all four of their kids are sick, so she wasn't able to make up. But the illustrious Mandy Mann (CLICK HERE) filled in and did a wonderful job.

Alison got to come to the show last night, as well. The second Caedmon's show she's seen since she was on the Share the Well Tour. Pregnant. So that was really fun. Three different neighbors took turns babysitting so that she could have the freedom to leave. Pretty amazing.

Tonight, however, holds the possibility of making up for this whole week. The season finale of the LAST season of Battlestar Galactica aired last night. I had a show, obviously, and so did Andrew Peterson, so we're going to have a nerd party tonight and geek out together. We've been waiting over a year for this, and I have high expectations.

So I guess if this week were a dude I'd punch him in the nose, but then apologize and buy him ice cream (then talk mean about him behind his back later.)