Two days

I've had two days in the studio with Neilson Hubbard now, and it's going well. We've been deciding which songs to pursue and then outlining them, getting the keys, tempos, grooves and main melodies down.

These songs are very different for me. They're very, dare I say it, "pop", but naturally. I've been relating more to simple songs recently, more Tom Petty, less Radiohead, and that's where these tunes are sitting. And I really like it. But it's different. We'll see where they go from here.

Garett is coming in today to lay down some of his percussion-y goodness. Instead of putting down the major drum kit right away we're going to start with layers of perc rhythm. We want the foundation to move naturally so that the drums get to be more dynamic on top, without having to worry quite so much about being the metronome/heartbeat. Should be a lot of fun. It's a bit more of a Peter Gabriel/Paul Simon approach.

I think, at the end of the day, we're trying to do with my music what this guy does with jumping out the windows of buildings. And now it's time for a family trip to the grocery store before heading back to the studio for Day 3. I'll try to take some pictures today.