Greenville, SC

We played tonight in South Carolina. It was a good show, but a very quiet crowd. Josh Moore is really sick and missed tonight's show, leaving me with a lot of space to fill.

We went to see Semi-Pro tonight, the new Will Ferrell movie. I had high hopes, alas, twas not really a good flick. Oh well.

I've been reading this book by Geoff Emerick, the engineer for a great portion of the later Beatles records. It's pretty fascinating. He talks a tiny bit about the gear, which I love, but it's more his inside, yet still outside, look at the rise and fall of the band. Geoff was the guy who first ran John's vocal through the Leslie cabinet, and then two years later had to try and ignore Yoko to get stuff done. Crazy stories. A very good read. I'm finding myself completely lost in it, and I'm loving it. (CLICK HERE for the Amazon link.)

All right, I'm going to bed. We play in North Carolina tomorrow and I'll get to see Alison's folks. Should be a good time.

And now I'm going to leave you with some pictures from last week's Andy and the Andy's show...