Comedy of Errors

I'm sitting in a comfortable Denver hotel room, listening to Andy Gullahorn's new record, and occasionally watching this great youtube clip Alison sent me last night. (Mom, you'll like that one. Click on it.)

We played last night at Derek's brother's church in Lincoln, NE. I won't lie to you, people, I'm an honest man. Last night was kind of rough. It was a comedy of errors, my pedalboard broke (a cable shorted out - I discovered today), Cliff forgot a bunch of words, I had a CAPO break!, and everybody had at least one "where are we?" moment.

I think sometimes those sorts of things can make for a fun show, though, if everybody's having a good time. The crowd was great and gracious and I think a good time was had. That said, tonight will be a better show. I am very sure of this.

The best part of the show, though, was only seen (to my knowledge) by me and me alone. Josh stood up from his organ, took a swig of Red Bull and stepped off of his riser. The thing is, he thought there was more riser there. He fell so wonderfully completely, splashing Red Bull straight in his face while his hair flew out like a parachute. I almost passed out from laughing. Tall, lanky people falling is good comedy.

After the Caedmon's show, Ben Davy drove me over to Grace Chapel, a place I had played about a year ago. I got to sing some more songs to about 50 or 60 late night owls and it was really a wonderful time. What an honor it is to get to come to some other city and have people devote five or six hours to hearing me and my friends play songs. It's not fair, but I won't complain. Thanks again and again to all you who took the trek over for that second set.

At shows I usually tell people to buy my cd's so I can go get diapers for the girls, and usually this is true. Today, though, there is an Old Navy across the corner from where we're playing, and they're having a half-off sale on little kid's clothes. So if you bought a cd last night, that cash went straight to Old Navy for some 3T and 18month clothes for the girls. Just trying to stay honest.

Of course, since I'm a guy trying to guess what would be cute on a little girl, I got an itemized receipt.