Flu Central

It has been Flu Central here at the Osenga house this week. I got off the bus Monday afternoon and, apart from a half day singing bgv's for the incredible Jon Troast (whose record I played guitar on this past Friday), and a day mixing an EP for a Birmingham artist named Natalie Moon, I've been at home trying to be a good dad to some sick girls.

I've got the day off tomorrow, bus call isn't until midnight, and I'm looking forward to just being here, reading books, watching Curious George and trying to get as much laundry/dishes done as I can before I head out for another three days.

And now we're changing subjects...

I've gotten a number of e-mails about the t-shirts. Yes, they're done, and yes, they're awesome. More awesome than I even expected. I've been selling them at shows and will try to get a temporary paypal store up next week to sell them online. Until, of course...

The new AndrewOsenga.com goes live. Which will have a good online store. And a bunch of other wonderful things. It's in development now, probably a month or two out, and I'm really excited about it. I'll tell you more as we get closer, but I already can't wait. If anybody has any great ideas you think we might not have hit on yet, please send them my way.

Also, the Free EP cd project has fizzled. The artwork was complete, the sampler was mastered, the CD was at the printers... and they got a bunch of stuff screwed around and all of a sudden it was moving so slowly that we would have missed the first eight shows of the tour. So I decided to pull the plug on it. It's a great idea. It's going to work. But I don't want to do something halfway, so I'd rather save the idea for the right tour, the right time. Thanks so much to everybody who voted on tunes and offered support for the printing. I still plan on it happening, just not this Season.

I'll try to post again tomorrow, if I catch a little free time. There's so much rumbling around in my brain that it bottlenecks when I sit down to post it and I end up just recounting my day. Thanks for your patience as I clear my head. If I don't get a chance to post again, Caedmon's will be spending the weekend in the Carolinas. We'd love to see you out. I'd love to see you out. If you make it to a show, please come say hello.