Birthday Boy

I got two main things for my birthday: A rockin' waffle maker (hotel/cafeteria style) and the flu. Not that big a fan of the flu.

Thanks to everybody who emailed and called me with birthday greetings yesterday. I didn't answer any of the calls because I couldn't really talk. Again: the flu. But thanks. I really appreciated it. It was a good day.

The show, ahem, the Birthday Jam was awesome last night. The band was smoking, and the songs where I didn't sing that much but had long guitar solos were good. My voice was pretty shot, but for the bulk of the set it seemed fine. That was the only bummer to a great night. Emily was awesome, as usual.

The flu is going around Nashville. Winn had it so bad he had to sit out the show, so with very little notice ol' Nick Flora, the Arkadelphia cowboy, sat in on keys and did a great job.

We had a bunch of different folks help out on background vocals last night. I had them set up an extra mic and different singers rotated. Alison, Cason, my cousin Dean, Emily, and Christopher Williams all took turns. It was really fun.

And speaking of Christopher Williams, he's doing a show tonight at The Rutledge, same place as last night, and he'll be followed by Andy and the Andys. I just happen to be in Andy and the Andys and we just happened to have our first rehearsal because tonight will be our first show, and you really ought to be there. It's going to be classic. Andrew Peterson, Andy Gullahorn, Andy Hubbard and myself. Christopher goes on about 8:30, and you've got to catch him, he's fantastic, and we'll go on right after him.

Hope to see you tonight!