Birthday Jam

Come on, party people,
Come on, party lambs,
Come down to the Rutledge
for an Andy Birthday Jam!

Once I got invited
to join somebody's show
then something crazy happened
and they have no show no mo

But I will still be rocking
with a killer band
Mister Odmark and Sir Eckberg,
Brother Winn and Aaron Sands

Did I mention it's my birthday
on Wednesday, yes, it's true,
I'll be turning 29
and all I want is you

to come downtown at 8 PM
and watch me and my friends
play some songs, with birthday glee
and solos without end

Also there is Emily
is her last name
She's really great, she's playing first
and I'll still be on stage

So come on, party people
Come on, party Lambs
Come down to the Rutledge
for an Andy Birthday Jam!

So in case that poem made no sense, I'm playing a show this Wednesday at the Rutledge, here in Nashville, TN. (CLICK HERE) It was originally somebody else's show and I was doing a set to support, but now they've pulled out and it's my show.

My band will be Paul Eckberg, Aaron Sands, Matt Odmark and Winn Elliott. They all sort of rule and you'll want to be ruled by them. I promise.

Also, like I said, it's my birthday. I'm not the type to make a big deal out of my birthday. If I didn't have a show you'd never hear me talk about it.

But I do have a show, so I want you there!

My friend Emily Deloach is playing as well. She's awesome, I talk about her on here all the time. Paul and I will be playing with her too, which will be great fun.

See you Wednesday night!