Clearing my head.

Man, I really should be going to bed, this single-parenting thing is crazy exhausting. For some reason I just feel like I need to type a little bit tonight. I think I need to clear my head so I can get to sleep. Some things I'm thinking about.

- The girls and I bought some new goldfish the other day. Two orange ones and one grey one. They love to just look at them and talk to them. It's great.

- My wife is really into local, organic foods, dairies, etc... She discovered the Hatcher Family Dairy. Their Chocolate Milk is one of the best things I've ever tasted. I can't stop. I'm addicted. (CLICK HERE) I keep meaning to tell Todd about it, because for some reason I think he'll really love it.

- I've gotten a lot of emails from folks who just found me through last weekend's Caedmon's shows. Thanks for saying hey and coming by. I hope you stick around.

- Super Text Twist is still a freaking awesome game, and I'm still not ashamed to say I'm really good at it.

- I love this picture of my daughter Sadie.

- I came up with an idea for a podcast series. It may possibly go down in flames during production, or it could be brilliant. Either way, it will be interesting. I'll keep you posted.

- I have a lot of thoughts about Ron Paul and the mainstream media that royally screwed him (and us) over, but that will be another post.

- The Writer's Strike is over. I need more of The Office. Hurry.

- I have a friend who told me tonight he's never read a novel. I want to get him Ender's Game. I think that would be a great entrance to reading. Thoughts?

- I'm really tired and should go to bed.