Almost there, almost there...

Andrew Peterson just stuck his head out of his bunk as I was opening the door from the back of the bus and the sound of the door and the head colliding was thunderous. Poor guy. I'm sorry I laughed.

We're stopping at a Chik-Fil-A in Knoxville right now, on our way home from New York for a day and a half off. That will be good. Both the Chik-Fil-A AND the day off. It's been a good first week of the tour. No drama, great crowds, much laughter, physical education, etc... but it will be very good to be home for a bit.

My friend Stephen passed this link along to me of Christianity Today's review of my second Letters project. CLICK HERE. It's a very nice review, and I'm thankful. For anyone interested you can purchase both volumes, and some bonus tracks, on CD right HERE or download Vol. II HERE.

All right, I believe the chicken has made its way onto the bus, so I'm going to post this before I lose this borrowed internet connection. Thanks to everyone who's made it out to a show so far. You guys have been amazing. Next stop: home. Then, Florida!

Last Night's Songs:
New Beginning
Hold the Light