Sadie's Birthday

Today was my daughter's second birthday. She was in Nashville and I was in Kentucky. Bummer. We're having a great time out here, but I'm sad I missed on the day. We'll have a party for her when I get back home.

She's pretty great and we're blessed to have her in our family. She's the life of the party, honestly one of the funniest people I know.

Andy P and I made everybody (who was still awake at 1 am) watch the first episode of Battlestar Galactica last night, and that was awesome. Hopefully we'll be watching more tonight.

Oh, there were a bunch of home-schoolers in the gym at this church all day today, I'm not sure why. But it was a high of 35 degrees today so we couldn't really go outside either, so no P.E. today. Guess we'll have to do extra push-ups tomorrow.

All right, Cason, Ben, Andy G and Andy P are playing Speed Scrabble behind me and they need to be destroyed. By me.

Last Night's Songs:
Hold the Light

Tonight's Songs:
New Beginning (for Sadie)
Hold the Light